Dr. Phil McGraw - Did he cheat on his first wife with Robin?  The article was originally published many years ago, but it is still one of the Internet's
most popular stories about the famous TV shrink who has made many dubious claims - everything from his so-called Texas roots to his
questionable business practices to his own personal relationships.  Somebody may need to take his own advice!

Daylight Saving Time Joke Ben Franklin Gets the Last Laugh - An amusing look at the history of the bizarre practice of tinkering with natural time
and the results it has had on our lives and economy.

Where Was Baseball's First Pro Game Played?  Even the Hometown Forgot (published by Yahoo!)  You'd think the city that hosted America's first
professional baseball game would have billboards plastered at every city entrance to welcome you to the birthplace of pro baseball, but most
people who live within the city limits have no idea about the history beneath their feet.  A shocking, nostalgic look at a forgotten landmark in
America's pastime.
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